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What is a Zero-Knowledge Proof?

A zero-knowledge proof is a mathematical invention (discovery?) which allows one party to verify/prove credentials/facts/transactions to another party without exposing ANY details about what the person is proving.

It is sort of like this... YOU are over the age 21 and would like to buy the devils water from your local liquor store. In order to make the purchase you must PROVE you are of legal age. By today's conventions, we do this with a drivers license or some other type of government ID. In the process of PROVING your age (which is the only private data needed for this particular transaction) you simultaneously expose your NAME, ADDRESS, DATE OF BIRTH, DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER, ORGAN DONOR STATUS, and probably more.

Zero-knowledge proofs, allow two or more parties to verify data without exposing more data than what is necessary.

The technological innovation of zero-knowledge proofs are changing the world. The fabric of the current monetary universe is changing.

Did this not satisfy your thirst for knowledge? Let Sean Bowe, Ying Tong, and Zooko Wilcox inspire your insight.

In this video ECC developer, Sean Bowe describes the evolution of...

to be honest, i need to rewatch these videos before I type any description of the video. Its been a while since I watched these.

I aspire to develop an analogy to explain "zebras all the way down" in the way that my simple monkey brain understands it.

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